About Us

The TasFarmers is an active and powerful advocacy organisation dedicated to the best interests of all farmers, and to making a difference in rural communities across Tasmania.

In a world of social, economic and environmental volatility, combined with increasing regulation, TasFarmers provides a strong, united voice to ensure our Tasmanian farmers are represented when decisions are made that impact Tasmanian agriculture.

TasFarmers is committed to achieving this through active, effective engagement and advocacy with all levels of government and other stakeholders, to ensure our members can continue to operate sustainable, profitable agricultural businesses.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the Tasmanian agriculture sector is sustainable. We achieve this by promoting the vital contribution agriculture makes to Tasmania’s environmental, social and economic fabric.

What we do

The farming community is often confronted by natural challenges such as droughts, bushfires, and floods, it is also under constant threat from regulation, legislation and special interest groups.

We aim to:

• Ensure long term viability, profitability and a sustainable future for agriculture
• Lead positive change and innovation in Tasmanian agriculture
• To promote farming’s modern role, value and contribution in the Tasmanian community
• Protect the needs of farm businesses and families across Tasmania

Vision & Purpose

A sustainable future for Tasmanian farmers

The TasFarmers is the peak body representing the interests of Tasmanian farmers at a state and national level.

Our purpose is to provide a united voice to communicate with governments at all levels, along with other industry stakeholders. We have a proud history of successful advocacy, fighting for the needs of Tasmanian farmers for over fifty years.

TasFarmers has a long and proud history stretching back to 1948.