History was made for primary producers in Tasmania when the long-sought amalgamation between the Tasmanian Producers' Organisation and Primary Producers' Union was finally achieved without dissent on either side.

The committee announced that it had agreed to name the new organisation the Tasmanian Farmers' Federation.

T.P.O. members stood, clapped and cheered P.P.U members. The latter in tum rose and gave T.P.O. members an equally enthusiastic reception, ending with For They Are Jolly Good Fellows.

This is the day of days, said the PPU president.

I am thrilled and delighted by the decision. Now we will be able to submit our problems and difficulties to governments with one voice. I hope that those who produce, who have been 'sitting on the fence' will enter the new organisation. For it is more than an organisation, it is a brotherhood, meeting on common ground for the common good.

The Advocate Newspaper, 1946

The Advocate Tue8 Aug 1939 Page10 Producers Organisations

The Tasmanian Farmers and Stockowners Association

The Tasmanian Farmers and Stockowners Association was formed in 1908 by pastoralist Albert Mansell in response to union militancy and the detrimental impact of Federation. It sought to defend members' interests and take action on 'practical and urgent' problems, including stock stealing.

From 1919 it became known as the Tasmanian Farmers, Stockowners and Orchardists Association (TFSOA), and by 1930 it had over 1000 members in some 19 branches. Various committees had been formed, dealing with the marketing of crops; rabbits and other pests; freights; stock diseases and brands; immigration; bush fires; and meat export.

The TFSOA supported research into diseases and pests, and the establishment of the University's Faculty of Agricultural Science in 1962. Its main function was to represent rural employers in fixing employees' rates of pay and conditions of work. From 1984 to 1988 it operated as the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Employers Association and then as the TFGA Industrial Association.

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TFGA House, at the corner of Cimitere and Charles Street, Launceston was officially opened on the
10th December 1987 by Mr Ian McLachlan, President of the National Farmers Federation and
Mr L. D. (Ferdie) Foster, President of the Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association in front of
a large crowd of farmers, politicians, media and the general public.

TFGA house was the home of the Tasmanian Farmers & Graziers Association until the building was sold in 2019.

2023 will see the headquarters of the TFGA relocate to the Tabernacle Building, Wellington Street, Longford.

TasFarmers Presidents

John Allwright 1980-1983 James Walch May-Oct 2002
Geoff Ashton-Jones 1983-1985 Brendon Thompson 2003-2004
Bruce Stewart 1985-1987 Rupert Gregg 2004-2005
L.D (Ferdie) Foster 1987-1990 Roger Swain 2005- 2009
Henry Edgell 1990-1992 David Gatenby 2009-2013
Peter France 1992-1995 Wayne Johnston 2013-2019
Rod Thirkell-Johnston 1995-1996 Marcus McShane 2019-2022
John Gee 1995-1996 Ian Sauer 2022-current
Kem Perkins 1998-2002

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