Summary of advocacy 6-month update 2023


A united voice for farmers: TasFarmers is dedicated to representing the best interests of all farmers at federal, state, and local levels of government and making a difference in rural communities in Tasmania.

Summary of advocacy 6-month update 2023

This is a summary of TasFarmers activities and accomplishments over the past six months which the organization has been on behalf of members:

  • Mining exploration: TasFarmers has been involved in discussions and actions related to mining exploration on agricultural land.
  • Local government reform: TasFarmers has been engaged in discussions related to local government reform.
  • Conditional registration: TasFarmers has been engaged in serval actions related to conditional registration and discussions are ongoing.
  • Collaboration with PET: TasFarmers has collaborated with PET to offer new services and advice for members.
  • Shipping traceability and biosecurity: Discussions have taken place concerning the tracing of sheep and biosecurity measures, and included topics such as implementation, funding, and education opportunities.
  • Engagements with government officials: TasFarmers has engaged with government ministers and departments, and made submissions on water, wildlife and various other issues.
  • Negotiations: TasFarmers committees and staff have been involved in a variety of successful commodity price negotiations.
  • Recruitment: Training of new staff members has been a recent focus.
  • Dairy Council: TasFarmers has been involved in discussions and activities relating to the Dairy Council, including replacement issues, bobby calves and CIP funding.
  • Water Committee: The water committee has been working hard on preparing budget and policy submissions.
  • Other Collaborations and Meetings: TasFarmers has engaged in meetings and collaborations with various groups and officials, including the Clyde River Trust, the Ministry for Primary Industries, the Police Minister, the Primary Industries Minister, shadow minister, and the police commissioner.
  • Marinus Link and Power Lines: The organization has been involved in discussions and actions related to the Marinus group and power lines.
  • Compulsory Acquisition: TasFarmers continues to work on matters related to compulsory acquisition seeking to develop a national framework to focus on the treatment of farmers
  • Reports: The M three property report has been completed, and there's mention of the Celeborn group of concerned farmers with mining exploration.
  • Member satisfaction survey: TasFarmers conducted its first annual Member Satisfaction and Feedback Survey, results showcased our organisation's robust and dedicated membership of long-standing members.
  • NFF forum: We participated in the NFF forum, sharing in the vision for a $100 billion agricultural sector by 2030, with discussions on biosecurity, farm welfare, digital technologies, and climate challenges.

Advocacy in the Media:

  • Housing: TasFarmers has initiated a "Housing Push" by lobbying State and federal governments to allow farmers and landowners to invest in worker accommodation and reduce red tape in constructing such facilities on farming properties.
  • Farm safety: TasFarmers has highlighted farm safety concerns in response to a coroner's report, stressing the importance of machinery safety and risk management on farms.
  • Energy prices: Our voice has been heard on the energy crisis, on behalf of members we have expressed concern over rising power costs which negatively impact farmers and the agricultural supply chain.
  • Volunteers: Celebrated National Volunteers Week, extending our gratitude to the invaluable members of our TasFarmers volunteer committees.
  • AGFEST: TasFarmers had a good profile and presence at Agfest, successfully launching our young farmer partnership with Rural Youth and engaged with members, sponsors, and key stakeholders around the TFGA kitchen table.
  • Farmer mental health: Actively drew attention to high depression and suicide rates among farmers, highlighting the need for mental health support and awareness.
  • TasFarmers Roadshow: providing a platform for community voice and engagement in the Northwest and Northeast farming communities of Tasmania.
  • Sustainability in agriculture: In light of trade deals opening up new export markets worth $72 billion sustainability requirements were addressed.
  • Biosecurity: We welcomed the state government's investment in Tasmania's biosecurity, recruiting five new biosecurity inspectors to protect our agricultural industry.
  • EU trade deal: We advocated in support of traditional cheese names and protection from EU demands to stop their use, expressing concerns about the impact on Australian dairy producers.

Longford office relocation: Construction is underway in Longford as the new headquarters for TasFarmers takes shape. Progress marches forward as the restoration of the historic Tabernacle building enters the building stage after demolition and removal of old material. This project is being led by board member Elizabeth Lord, we are on budget and on time for a November completion.

Overall, this update provides a comprehensive overview of the wide range of activities and engagements that TasFarmers has been involved in over the past six months, spanning various sectors and issues.