Biosecurity Sign

People, vehicles and equipment pose a high biosecurity risk. Displaying biosecurity signs on your farm gates and fences will alert visitors to the importance of following biosecurity procedures.

The TFGA Farm Biosecurity Project has provided biosecurity signs free of charge to Tasmanian primary producers. We have now run out of stock of biosecurity signs but hope to order more in the future if there is a demand for them.

To express your interest in ordering a corflute farm biosecurity sign (900 x 600mm) please fill out the form HERE

If you urgently need a biosecurity sign, you can download a template (900x600mm) at the farm biosecurity website and get it printed:

Small aluminium signs (40 × .5 × 30 cm) and large corflute signs (90 × 2 × 60 cm) can also be ordered from Animal Health Australia for $20: