Many seasons of below average rainfall across much of Tasmania has created a serious situation for our farmers. Landholders are increasingly facing the results of climactic conditions on a grander scale – fire, flood and drought.

All of these conditions have one thing in common – they reduce access to feed and fodder, which in turn causes distress and hardship to the farming community.

TFGA Market aims to facilitate access to feed and fodder in good times, and in bad times.

While this website was conceived as our response to the current dry conditions, we also recognise that there is a strong need for an on-going facility to connect buyers and sellers. We need to keep the momentum going. This is a long-term project.

This won’t be the last time that we find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature in Tasmania. We have been experiencing El Nino events with increasing regularity since the early 90s.

We need to look at what we can do as a state in preparedness for the next tough season. We can’t control the weather, but we can still mitigate its effects.

For example, over the longer term the TFGA will also look at improving future access to fodder across industry and partnerships to potentially provide emergency fodder sources. Further inroads could also be made into other issues, like establishing optimum pasture growth, irrigation, improved storage and transport.

The TFGA Market website was created thanks to the support of the Tasmanian State Government.