Fonterra step up great news for milk suppliers

27 October 2016

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association Dairy Council has applauded the news that dairy giant Fonterra will offer a retrospective price step up to its milk suppliers.

The company will increase the Full Milk Price by $0.22c/kg fat and $0.55c/kg protein to $5.10kg Milk Solids. Fonterra has revised its 16/17 season forecast to $5.20.

“This will deliver much needed cash flow to our producers early in the season,’’ Dairy Council Chairman Andrew Lester.

“It is also a positive sign that demand for our product is growing and the global over supply is decreasing.

“We remain hopeful that the State’s dairy industry is turning the corner after what has been a challenging year.”

TFGA Communications Manager
Kirsten Woolley
0438 678 392