Ian Sauer and Andrew Beven re-elected as President and Vice Chair of TFGA

29 March 2023

The Tasmanian Famers and Graziers Association (TFGA) is pleased to announce the re-election of Ian Saur as President of the TFGA and Andrew Beven as Vice Chair, at the TFGA's annual meeting held at the Launceston Door of Hope on 29 March 2023. Mr Ian Sauer, OAM has held the position of President since 16 March 2022.

In being re-elected, Ian expressed his pride in continuing as the President and his readiness to carry on serving members of the TFGA.

“The board have set out a sound vision to ensure a sustainable future for Tasmanian Farmers. Underpinned by our strategic plan. I believe TFGA will continue to provide farmers with a strong united voice, being seen and heard in a professional way.

“We will continue to prosecute the case for farmers, ensuring that our members have a voice in the decisions that affect our industry,” he said.

Ian emphasised the board’s commitment to working collaboratively across the industry, “We are looking forward to breaking down the old silos, working effectively with primary producers, and the entire supply chain,” he said.

The TFGA is also pleased to announce a new committee structure, approved by the membership, which will ensure the organisation remains relevant and provides members with direct input into policy development.

“In consultation with members and after it was put to a vote of the membership, the TFGA has a new committee structure, which will ensure we remain relevant and provides members with direct input into policy development.

“The TFGA has a bright future and we are looking forward to moving into our new offices in Longford which will again keep us relevant and help us be closer to our members and rural base.

On behalf of the board and myself, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to CEO Hugh Christie and staff for their unwavering commitment and hard work in this extraordinary organisation.

Mr Beven said he was looking forward to continuing his working partnership with Mr Sauer in is role as Vice Chair. Mr Beven has served As Vice Chair since March 2022.

The TFGA Board also welcomed Mr Paul Arnold following the election of directors at the AGM. Mr Arnold brings a wealth of experience across a range of roles including executive positions in local government, multiple directorships across industry and processing sectors and running a multi-farm dairy enterprise in the North-West.

The TFGA would also acknowledge the services of retiring director Mr Brian Stewart. Mr Stewart has made a significant contribution to the TFGA and the broader agriculture sector over a number of years, including multiple terms as a director of the TFGA. The commitment of members such as Mr Stewart is what makes the TFGA such a strong representative organisation for our members.

Re-elected TFGA Chair Ian Sauer
Ian Saur head shot blur
Re-elected TFGA Chair Ian Sauer