TFGA Welcomes New Water Committee Chair

04 October 2021

President of the TFGA, Marcus McShane has announced the appointment of Malcolm Green as the new Chair of the TFGA Water Committee. ‘Water - its supply, reliability and quality remain one of Tasmania’s most significant factors of agricultural production’, Mr McShane commented. ‘The ongoing growth in Tasmanian agricultural production is directly related to water availability and with continued expansion of irrigation within the state and the increasing impacts of climate change, there is no foreseeable future where water will not be a key consideration for farmers and consequently the TFGA’.

Malcolm comes to the Chair of the TFGA Water Committee with excellent credentials; he is an engineer by trade and holds a Diploma and Masters in Law. Raised on the family farm on the Coal River at Campania, Malcolm served in the Australian army for many years as an Engineering Officer. More recently, Malcolm has worked for Hydro Tasmania and currently, for TasNetworks as their Leader Business Services.

‘Malcolm understands water, agriculture and business’, Mr McShane remarked. Those ingredients make him the ideal choice to head up the TFGA Water Committee and to work with our staff, our members, and the government to ensure we can leverage the best results for Tasmanian farmers and agriculture from water resources.