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Have your say about the future of agriculture

Tas Ag Future Survey Cover Image

The TasAgFuture survey for Tasmanian farmers and food and beverage manufacturers, was launched on 27 June by the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA).

“The TasAgFuture survey is asking about the goals and key issues of people working in the food and agriculture sectors so that TIA can better support those goals through research, development and extension,” project leader Dr Peat Leith said.

The survey is following on from 100 in-depth interviews with food producers and processors, and the research team is already sharing early findings.

“We have heard about challenges and opportunities related to training, skills and employment, place-based regional development, and innovation right across the value chain,” Dr Leith said.

“Many participants have also highlighted the importance of Tasmania’s clean, green reputation to their business, and ways to continue to build that brand.

”It’s clear from the information we’ve analysed so far, that the State’s agrifood sector is becoming more diverse and more complex, and it’s not without its challenges and opportunities,” he said.

Between now and the end of August, TIA is hoping to hear from at least 1000 people working in the industry.

The survey asks how food producers and processors are currently operating, how they see the future, and what constrains and enables them to achieve their goals.

“For us at TIA, we know we need to grow but in well-targeted ways that serve the sector best.  This means we need to really understand changing priorities,” Dr Leith said.

“That’s what this survey is all about. We are really hoping a lot of farmers and food a beverage manufacturers take ten minutes to share their perspective.”

Take the survey here.