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Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Queensland fruit fly: Changes to Restrictions in Control Areas

Fruit fly was detected in northern Tasmania in January 2018. Part of the control and eradication actions in response to the fruit fly detection included the declaration of temporary Control Areas and Infected Areas, enforcing restrictions on host produce moving in and out of these areas. 

Biosecurity Tasmania has advised that as of 1 October Control Area restrictions have changed to enable growers to sell their produce within the Control Areas.

 What being in a Control Area means for residents:

  • Do NOT move host produce from inside a Control Area to outside a Control Area

From 1 October you CAN: 

    • Move home grown host produce from your property (give away or sell), as long as it does not leave a Control Area
    • Dispose of fruit as normal – double bagging is not required. 
    • Compost fruit in the Control Area
  • If you live in an Infected Area further restrictions apply. To find out if you are in an Infected Area and what you can do to continue to HELP eradicate fruit fly go to www.dpipwe.tas.gov.au/fruitfly

What being in an Infected Area means for residents:

  • You can consume home grown host produce at home.
  • Do not move, give away or sell host produce from your property unless cooked or processed. 
  • Cut up fruit can be moved from your property if it is to be consumed, e.g. - in lunch boxes - with remains double-bagged.
  • You can buy host produce from retailers within a Control/Infected Area and transport it home – but you cannot then transport it outside an Infected Area.
  • Please ensure all rotten, fallen or remains of host produce are double bagged prior to placing in general waste.
  • Do not compost host produce inside an Infected Area.
  • Report all suspect produce to Biosecurity Tasmania on 6165 3774

What this mean for industry:

  • From 1 October, growers outside the 1.5 km Infected Area and inside the 15 km Control Area can move and sell untreated fruit within the 15km Control Areas.
  • Existing control measures will stay in place for properties within the 1.5km Infected Areas.
  • Movement of fruit from inside to outside the Control Areas is still not allowed, unless fruit is appropriately dealt with under required protocols.

For further information on fruit fly, and to view maps to determine if you live in an Infected Area or a Control Area, click here or phone 03 6165 3774.

To find out more about the TFGA's Biosecurity Engagement Project, click here