REMINDER: Cattle Handling Safety Session - Stanley on 10th November

28 October 2022

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Safe Farming Tasmania along with TFGA, Primary Employers Tasmania, Nutrien and Elders are facilitating a series of practical information sessions to raise awareness of safety around livestock handling, and the many other issues currently affecting beef growers and their workers.

The sessions have been developed in consultation with our key stakeholders including beef growers, rural sector leaders, and industry experts.

Sessions will focus on:

• Stock yard safety for livestock stock handlers
• Minimum safety standards and obligations
• Training and worker retention
• Employing farm workers
• Workers compensation and general insurance
• Electrical safety
• Mental health
• Biosecurity issues including FMD
• Red Hot Tips, protective burning assistance (Powranna and Stanley only)
• National Emergency Management Agency

The aim of the sessions is to provide practical guidance and education, encourage positive conversations and networking opportunities, and to:

• Positively influence worker safety, including mental health.
• Recognise stockyard and livestock handling hazards and improve stockyard safety and design.
• Retain skilled workers and attract new workers to the industry
• Recognise the importance of training
• Reduce injuries and associated insurance costs, and promote safe and healthy workplaces.
• Raise awareness around biosecurity issues, burning safely and emergency assistance.

The final two Sessions in the roadshow will be held at the following locations:

November 10 - Western Plains Beef, 488 Greenhills Road, Stanley. Supported by Elders.

November 25 - Waverley Station, King Island. Supported by Elders.

To register please click on the appropriate session link above.

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