Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Sheep Producers Australia visit to Tasmania

On Tuesday of this week (11th of December 2018) Sheep Producers Australia's (SPA) newly appointed chairman, Chris Mirams, and CEO Graham Smith, accompanied TFGA’s John Garwood to visit a member’s property. Both gentlemen have extensive experience in the agricultural sector and a long association with farming in general.

Ben Hooper in the Beaconsfield area, runs what is primarily a sheep breeding operation. Ben was kind enough to invite us to his property where we saw his operations and discussed issues of importance to sheep producers in this state. Ben has recently completed some fencing on his property to minimise the impact of native animals on pasture production. Being based in NSW, both Chris and Graham were most impressed to be driving through paddocks that were at times up to knee height with grass. Something of a stark contrast to regions interstate.

Many thanks to Ben for his hospitality and open discussions. The feedback for Chris and Graham and the sharing of experiences were greatly appreciated

Following the visit to Ben’s property, Chris and Graham had a meeting with our CEO Peter Skillern and Policy Manager Nick Steel on a range of topics.

Sheep Producers Australia

That’s Graham in Bens ATV as we cruised the pastures. He looks good in a TFGA hat!!