Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association
Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association

Something not right??

No one knows their crops, trees and animals better than a farmer. Keeping a close eye on the farm is part of everyday farm monitoring and once you know what’s normal you know when something’s not normal!

If you find anything unusual on your farm including strange pests and disease symptoms, don’t hesitate, call:

  • -Exotic Plant Pest Hotline: 1800 084 881
  • -Emergency Animal Disease Hotline: 1800 675 888

There are a few other important things you can do as well:

  • -Isolate any affected livestock
  • -Mark plants/crops affected
  • -Contain any pests you have caught
  • -Stop the movement of any people, machinery and equipment near affected plants/animals and stop any unnecessary people coming onto your farm
  • -Don’t move any livestock/plants off farm until given the all clear
  • -Wash hands, clothes and boots that have been in contact with affected plants/animals and don’t take them off the property

Responding to a possible pest or disease on your farm and acting as soon as possible will significantly improve the chance of limiting the spread of any pests and diseases, protecting Tasmanian farms.