The TFGA welcomes the announcement of the Governments numbers on the Deer population, it represents a good starting point, however there is much more work to do.

TFGA CEO Peter Skillern said ”TFGA’s Wildlife Policing and Firearms Committee recently conducted a survey regarding On-farm damage from Wildlife and Pests, it is clear that while Deer are a significant problem other pests are also contributing to major reductions in Agriculture production.”

“Over a third of the TFGA membership responded and clearly significant on-farm damage is occurring due to Rufus and Bennett Wallaby, Brush Tailed Possum and Feral Cats, which also carry disease risk to livestock and humans. The TFGA and State Government need to work together on this urgent issue to formulate a strategy to assist landowners in controlling these on-farm pests to prevent further significant loss of income and natural habitat. In economic terms losses are estimated to be well over $100 m annually and feral cats are recognised as the biggest environmental threat that Australia faces” Said Mr Skillern