Update from TasNetworks - Storm Recovery - 16th June 2022

16 June 2022

Update from TasNetworks - Storm Recovery - 16th June 2022

Further to our update yesterday, the TFGA has received a further update from Josh Bradshaw of TasNetworks as at 12pm 16th June.


  • 31 outages currently impacting 700 customers
  • The complexity, high number of small jobs, access and vegetation are all slowing progress
  • Despite this, confident that we will restore several hundred more customers today

TasNetworks has made good progress in the past 24 hours – reducing the number of affected customers to about 700 (down from about 1,900 this time yesterday): https://www.tasnetworks.com.au/outages.

Our crews are still dealing with lots of badly-damaged assets. Fallen vegetation’s still hampering efforts in some areas.

We’re still working on about 30 outages. The largest involves about 80 customers, and the smallest has four. We have to tackle them individually (one team per outage, until fixed) – which gives you an idea of why it can take time.

We realise that’s not much comfort for customers still out. We’ve still got everyone possible in the field, striving to restore you as soon as possible. Thank you to everyone for your support and patience.

If you haven’t yet called us on 132 004 to report a line down or a small or individual outage – please do so ASAP. Please call that number for any questions or issues, rather than disrupting our busy people in the field.

If you’re waiting for restoration, and the fascia of your house is damaged, please consult an electrician about repairing it ASAP. That’ll help us restore you more quickly, in the end. We need your fascia and connectors intact when we re-energise your property.

If you’re using generators, please don’t plug them back into your house supply or use them inside. That’s extremely dangerous. If in doubt, consult your electrician.

Please stay at least 10 metres clear of fallen lines or other damage. Please report any undetected damage to us on 132 004.

Please monitor TasNetworks’ Facebook and website for the latest updates.

You can monitor known outages here: https://www.tasnetworks.com.au/outages

Our website also has a full list of specific locations where our crews are focusing efforts today:

Updated 16th June 2022

Today we are actively working in the following areas:

South Riana
Lower Kindred
Lower Wilmot
Mole Creek
Lower Beulah

It is likely there will still be some customers in these areas that are located closest to the worst damage that we cannot get power to today – as we identify those properties we will continue to communicate updates via SMS.