Policy and advocacy are our core business at the TFGA.

Our policies relate primarily to management of our strategic operating environment – what are the key issues affecting our members and developing a solution to that issue.

There are fundamentally two types of policy; policies that are set by the TFGA; and those where TFGA replies to government-set public policy, which is usually through submissions.

Through effective policy and submissions, we aim to create an environment for farmers that enables profitable, safe and sustainable production, within a community that values and respects the farm sector.

To develop effective policies we have a structure that utilises our most important asset, its members.

The TFGA is divided into separate councils and standing committees that deal with the major commodities areas and issues facing our sector.

This structure ensures that we are in constant contact with members and other stakeholders across the state. As a result, TFGA are well aware of the outlook, expectations and practical needs of Tasmania’s agriculture industries.

TFGA members lead each of these groups and, with the support of our staff, provide the power to effectively influence all levels of government on the wide range of issues that impact on modern farming.

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Note - detailed policies require a member login. Contact TFGA on 03 6332 1800 for more information.