Domestic dog

There are strict regulations for domestic dog control and you should be aware of the legislation with regards to your domestic animals.

A dog is ‘at large’ if it is in a public place and it is not under the effective control of a person; or without the consent of the occupier, in or on a public place that is occupied or private premises that are occupied.

A farmer also has regulations to consider in relation to the number of working dogs that can be kept on farm.

It is worth noting that any dog found at large on land being used for livestock related activities can be destoyed.

  • Never dump your unwanted puppies or dog (it is against the law). Unwanted puppies and dogs should be taken to the RSPCA or animal care centres.

Check with your local council about its policies on registration and control of domestic dogs.

Further information is available at:

  • Dog Control Amendment Act 2017