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Property Management Planning is useful for properties of any size, not just for commercial farms. A plan for your property can help you achieve your lifestyle goals, while also maintaining environmental values. A plan helps identify the work and costs required to develop and maintain your property. Remember, with proper planning you will often only need to do things once!

Property planning involves assessing all your resources, both natural and built, as well as planning the enterprises or activities you would like to undertake on your land. It is a plan to use the land according to its capacity and to ensure you don’t deplete its natural resources. In fact, good planning will protect and improve these resources.

A property plan also helps you to identify problem areas and risks to your enterprises, such as waterlogged soils, vegetation decline or the risk of flooding.

There are a range of tools that have been developed to assist in property planning and these can be found on the DPIPWE Land Management Information web page.

There are also enterprise suitability maps that can help you understand the known soil and climate requirements for a range of crops to a given area. More information here.

You can also contact your local NRM office in relation to property management planning, courses and/or possible workshops that may be available or for assistance if required.

NRM North:
Phone: (03) 6333 7777

NRM South:
Phone: 6221 6111

Cradle Coast Authority:
Phone: 03 6433 8400

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