Climate-related financial disclosure

Climate-related financial disclosure is an emerging issue that will soon
become an important part of the business and farming landscape.

- Dr Imogen Fullagar

The Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) - guiding the way since 2015

Driven by concerns about climate change's impact on global financial stability, the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) was established in 2015 under the guidance of Michael Bloomberg. Their recommendations, released in 2017, aim to enable informed investment, credit, and insurance decisions while shedding light on carbon-related assets and climate-related risk

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Illuminating carbon-related assets and climate-related risk

At the heart of the TCFD's recommendations lies the illumination of carbon-related assets and climate-related risks. By shedding light on these crucial elements, businesses and investors gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. Armed with this knowledge, they can navigate the financial landscape with greater confidence and foresight.

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Unveiling the impact of climate-related financial disclosure

As we navigate this era of climate-related financial disclosure, the TCFD's recommendations provide an invaluable framework for achieving financial prosperity while safeguarding our planet. Together, we can forge a brighter, more sustainable future.

To facilitate a seamless transition, the Australian Government has adopted a 'top-down' approach, making reporting mandatory for larger organizations first. By streamlining the reporting process, companies can request relevant information from their providers.

Climate-related financial disclosure presents lucrative commercial opportunities, but proactive engagement is key to capitalising on them. Businesses operating in the domestic economy must step up and embrace these opportunities for local ownership and advantage.

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